Google Photos to Add “Documents” Section for Easy Search

For those who have been using Google Photos for a while, it is a worthwhile cloud storage solution for photos and videos. It has a robust search option that allows users to search and apparently, a new hub is being added called “Documents”. This means that once users are in the “Documents”, they will get their hands on all the documents-related stuff well-organized on the app.

Google Photos to add a new hub “Documents”

If you are a Google Photos user, you are already aware of three usual hubs that are People & Pets, Places, and Things. Tap on any of the listed hubs and you will see people and pets, places, and things neatly organized. In fact, Google further segregates some of the hubs such as ‘People’ has sub-sections called ‘Faces’, ‘Selfies’ and so on. Now, users will also get a new “Documents” hub. It will keep all the signs, paper documents, posters, screenshots, and other document files organized. Note that it will be further segregated into handwriting, display boards, business cards, bulletin board, text messaging, and so on.

Google Photos to add "Documents" section for easy search

The search tab on Google Photos already lets users search for the file they are looking for. However, with the new section being added (albeit it is currently being tested on a small scale), it will relieve users from the effort of typing.

Google keeps adding features, new functionalities, and updates to its family of apps to make user’s lives a lot easier. Google Photos is one of the best cloud storage solutions as it automatically backs up snaps captured using the camera app. It is regarded as one of the most powerful apps with powerful search options and keeps the data secured and saved for years to come even with the free Gmail tier that avails 15GB of free storage.

Google Photos’ search option is a powerful tool and with the new addition, it will prosper a step further giving an edge to its competitors. Google Photos also received Google Lens functionality on the desktop while the app received a new video editor UI among other updates that keep adding day by day.

The new “Documents” hub is still not available for mass users. It appears to be a server-side test available for just a handful of users. This means others will have to wait for the update to arrive. No doubt the web version of Google Photos will get the change as well.


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