Google Pixel 3 phones suddenly brick with ‘EDL’ warning message

Recently, a large number of Pixel 3 or Pixel 3 XL owners have started reporting that their devices are getting bricked with the ‘EDL’ message on the screen. The worst part is that users don’t get any warning message and that’s why they can’t understand what’s actually causing the issue. Whereas the issue is getting bigger each and every because more & more Pixel 3s users are encountering it.

Well, this isn’t a new issue at all, and the same problem has appeared months ago. It’s also worth mentioning that Google has no solution to date and most of the devices are now out of warranty which is problematic. Plenty of affected users have reported that their Pixel 3s are getting bricked all of a sudden without any warning while charging overnight. The device basically enters into the Qualcomm Emergency Download Mode (EDL).

That means you won’t be able to install new firmware on your Pixel 3/3XL model at all. Whereas getting to the bootloader is also painful. Now, some of the users are assuming that one of the latest security patch updates has caused this issue. Whereas others are saying that there is a hardware malfunction happening in the device which may trigger such an issue.

While bricking the device getting into the EDL mode, your Android device won’t be able to boot into the system normally or even doing anything else. The black screen on the device after kept it charging overnight leaves users in splits. Although the handset is able to charge via wired and wirelessly, connecting the device to the computer in the EDL mode and run lsusb shows that it’s not detected by adb devices or fastboot devices whatsoever.

There is nothing that seems to be working as of now and maybe charging the handset overnight can occur such issues. So, if you’re using one of the Pixel 3s and haven’t faced this issue yet, make sure not to keep the device charging overnight. For a permanent and official fix, we may have to wait for a patch update by Google.


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