Google Pixel 6 has a built-in grammar corrector while typing

When we’re rushing, we usually use the auto-correct feature on our mobile devices or some third-party apps like Grammarly to type error-free words as well as sentences. As a result, users can communicate with others without grammatical errors. Due to Google’s commitment to improvements in the user experience of its applications and Android OS, the new Pixel 6 series has built-in grammar correction when using the Google keyboard.

Therefore, it appears that the Gboard on the Pixel series works seamlessly on the device to preserve privacy, detect & suggest grammatical corrections as users mistakenly type incorrect grammatical text. In order to build such functionality, Google AI Blog states that memory size limitations, latency requirements, and handling partial sentences had to be addressed.

Currently, the feature can correct English sentences by default, and Google is working on adding more languages to Gboard in the near future. It’s also expected that the feature will work across all apps with Gboard, which will be fantastic.

Google AI Blog

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