Google Pixel 6 magazine ad teases improved voice recognition, camera, and more

Google has started an ad campaign or you can say marketing campaign for its upcoming Pixel 6 series devices online. Right now, the company is also doing promotions on TV and billboards. For example, the Google Pixel 6 magazine ad indicates a couple of news features that are on their way. The ad is appearing in the latest issue of The New Yorker (September 27) that has been mentioned by Rich Brome on Twitter.

It basically features all the color variants that the upcoming Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro models will have. Next, it teases a question ‘What if smartphones weren’t just smart?’ tagline. It says the following lines:

Google Pixel 6 magazine ad teases improved voice recognition, camera, and more

What if they were more intuitive? [It indicates the UI and hardware will be more integrated for a fluid better performance]

What if they were more perceptive? [It indicates the phone will be more responsive in terms of hotword detection or now playing features, etc]

More personal? [The Material U skin with colorful themes, accent color, dynamic wallpapers & widgets, etc]

What if your phone saw you for who you are? [Camera features most probably]

Recognized that we’re all different and worked differently for all of us? [Face recognition most probably]

What if your phone understood your accent? [Improved voice recognition]

Spoke dozens of languages fluently? [Enhanced speech-to-text]

Knew to save power for the apps you use most? [Power Saving mode]

And could capture every skin tone accurately and beautifully? [Improved camera sensors]

What if your phone




and became a reflection of you?

Introducing Google Pixel 6.

The phone that adapts to you.

Finally, the ‘learned, adapted, evolved’ part indicates that the Pixel software and Google’s Tensor chipset will be more capable of learning and adapting user behavior, usage patterns, most-used apps, app usage timing, and more on the Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro models.

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