Google Pixel 6 Series is Likely to be Introduced at Google I/O Event 2021 on May 18

Google Pixel 6 is incoming and could arrive this month probably at the Google I/O Event 2021. This comes from the CEO Sundar Pichai who although didn’t clearly specify Google Pixel 6 announcement at the event, he emphasized on “significant product updates and announcements”.

One of the interesting bits of information that we have stumbled upon comes from Editor-In-Chief of XDA Developer Mishaal Rahman who has shared that Google is indeed working on Ultra-wideband (UWB) connectivity feature on Pixel 6 and this could open a whole lot of opportunities.

Google Pixel 6 to arrive at Google I/O Event 2021 with other products

There are numerous reports about Google Pixel 6 and it’s offering. Google is testing out the UWB capability and this raises a lot of flags that UWB capability will indeed arrive with the Pixel 6 series. This will put Google Pixel 6 ahead of other flagship devices as it is just iPhone 12 series that has UWB capability while many of its flagship rivals don’t have it yet.

Having a UWB capability lets smartphones stay connected with object trackers like Samsung’s SmartTags and SmartTags+ and Apple’s AirTags among others. These tiny puck-like trackers locate lost/stolen/misplaced items either via AR Finder or by beeping or broadcasting its location on a map and so on. 

Mishaal Rahman (Editor-In-Chief, XDA Developers) has already confirmed that the next-gen Pixel 6 series devices will arrive with Google’s in-house GS101 chipsets and with that, Google gets complete authority over including UWB or not. For now, it seems Pixel 6 will surely pick up this technology.

Google Pixel 6 series consists of at least two devices i.e. Pixel 6 and 6 XL. Both will arrive with a varying size of AMOLED panel with a high-refresh-rate i.e. probably 90Hz. The device will have the latest Android version on-board i.e. Android 11 if it arrives before the Android 12 is official sometime in September. Also, the Pixel 6 series are promised to get Android 12, Android 13, and Android 14 without fail as usual.

Google Pixel 6 series is likely to be introduced at Google I/O Event 2021 on May 18

Apart from Google Pixel 6, Google will officially announce the Android 12 beta update. It’s developer preview builds have been going live since March and the upcoming event will mark the onset of its beta release followed by official release later this year. 

Google will also announce upcoming updates for Chrome and Chrome OS and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Google I/O Event 2021 goes live on May 18 and 20 starting with Pichai keynote. All the AMAs, workshops, announcements and other items in the three-day itinerary will be available on demand. Interested people are required to apply on the event’s website to be a part of the event as it unfolds. 

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