Google Pixel 6a is expected to release in May 2022

Many leaks and rumors have been spreading among Google Pixel fans and users regarding the upcoming Google Pixel 6a model. It seems that the phone was supposed to launch earlier, but somehow the release date was pushed back. As per a report by a reliable source, Google plans to launch Pixel 6a in May 2022.

As per a tweet by Max Jambor, the Pixel 6a is all set to debut in May this year. Previously, Google Pixel 4a launch was delayed due to a pandemic in August 2020. Google Pixel 6a is expected to have an overall design similar to what we’ve seen on Google Pixel 6.

 Additionally, it will come with a Google Tensor chipset but with fewer cameras than the flagship models. We can also say that the Pixel 6a might be Google’s first budget device without a 3.5mm headphone jack. There are also rumors that Google will launch its first Pixel-branded smartwatch in May 2022.  

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