Pixel Phones will Alert Users while Overheating on Android 12 Beta 5

Google has recently introduced a new feature to its Pixel devices that are running on Android 12 Beta 5 build officially. To retain the battery health and excessive device overheating issue, Google has designed to limit the battery charging while the handset gets overheated. So, that it’ll notify users and limit the battery charging to optimize battery health.

According to multiple sources, Google Pixel devices that are running on Android 12 Beta 5 build (will run on Android 12 stable) will automatically stop charging and limit battery capacity to 80% whenever the charger is connected & gets overheated. The limitation will be done for an extended period of time which will be around 4 days or so.

As per the 9to5Google blog, they found strings in the update that detail a notification that will notify Pixel users “Your phone is limiting charging to help preserve battery health.” Whereas the Pixel device could also notify users that “Charging [is] temporarily limited.” Additionally, a ‘learn more’ link will appear for a support page that may explain full details on why such notice is appearing and what to do next. As of now, the feature will be available on Android 12 Beta 5.

Although it isn’t clear yet how Google is limiting charging. You can say that Google is limiting the charging capacity to 80% of the battery but it’s possible that the rate of charging will also become slow. Because the strings also suggested the ‘slow charging’ term on the linked page. So, it’s possible that this particular feature or behavior has already existed and this time Google is just showing it to users via notification. We don’t know whether this improvement will appear on older Pixel devices or not.

Google is almost on the verge of releasing the Android 12 official stable version publicly. Google has a trend of releasing its Android OS version every year in September. So, the time is almost near, and we’re hoping that other Android devices will also get the overheating and battery-limited charging notification just like Pixel models.


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