Google Pixel Users on Android 12 Encounter Multiple Issues With Lock Screen Notifications

Google released Android 12, the latest version of Android OS, to the public with the launch of its Pixel 6 series last month. Later, the tech giant rolled out the Android 12 update to other Pixel phone users. However, with the older Pixel devices upgraded to the Android 12, users have started experiencing multiple issues with the lock screen notifications. Several users took to Reddit to complain about the frustrating issue they’re facing on their Pixel phones running Android 12.

As per the user reports, the Android 12 lock screen on Pixel does not display full detailed notifications, even after you opt to “display all notification content” from the Settings. A Pixel 6 Pro user on Android 12 reported that the lock screen only displays the little app icons. A user needs to tap them to get a detailed view. He said, “Can’t seem to get the lock screen to display the full detailed notifications. Instead, I just get the little app icons, which I have to tap to then get the detailed view. I want the detailed view as soon as I turn the screen on. Can somebody point me to the correct setting? Not using AOD / ambient display or whatever it’s called these days.”

Google Pixel Users on Android 12 Facing Multiple Issues With Lock Screen Notifications
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Replying and Swiping Down Also Troubling Users on Android 12

Apart from the Android 12 not expanding the notification content on the lock screen, users report that replying and swiping down on the lock screen is also causing issues. Swiping down immediately after unlocking your phone reportedly pulls down the entire notification tray and shows all the quick access toggles. Because of this, Pixel phone users on Android 12 can’t see the notifications. You have to swipe up to show the notifications. However, this happens only when you swipe down immediately after unlocking your phone (via fingerprint or PIN).

Further, some users say they’re unable to reply from the lock screen. When they tap the notification, the phone reportedly opens the last opened application instead of opening the notification content. At the moment, Google hasn’t said anything on the above issues. Moreover, it is also not clear if some of these issues are bugs or intended features. But whatever be the case, we should get to hear more about this in the coming days. Stay tuned with us by visiting our dedicated Android 12 section here.

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