Google Pixel Fold to Arrive Soon, Reveals Leakster: Phone May Launch as Early as Late 2021

After Samsung and Huawei, now Google is reported to be working on a foldable phone, the Google Pixel Fold. The tech giant is apparently already exploring the foldable display technologies for its future foldable Pixel devices. For those who don’t know, the foldable smartphones hit the market back in 2019, and Samsung and Huawei announced their foldable phones during the MWC 2019. But now, more companies are working to join the foldable smartphone market, and Google is one of them.

According to a tweet from a reputed leakster, Jon Prosser, Google is really working on a foldable Pixel phone that the company may launch as early as late 2021 or early 2022. The tipster reportedly has a good track record of leaking information related to Apple devices. Now, if he is to be believed then the folding phone that’s coming from Google will be called “The Google Pixel Fold”. He also said that the upcoming phone could launch by the end of this year or early next year.

Google’s Folding Smartphone Support Dates Back to Android 10

If you don’t know, Google added support for foldable smartphones with the release of Android 10. The tech giant added native support for foldable phones with different folding patterns. The Android 10 OS already had features like resizable apps, app continuity, multi-window support for more than two apps, etc. Most of these features become available in phones with foldable displays. In the upcoming versions of Android, we expect more features to keep coming that will improve the usability of devices with foldable screens.

Apart from this, some recent reports suggested that the South Korean electronics giant Samsung will make foldable OLED displays for Oppo, Xiaomi, and Google. This news further confirms that the search giant is indeed working on bringing a foldable device. Further, it’s believed that the display will have a high refresh rate. Other than this, there is currently no information on what design or form factor will Google adopt with its first foldable phone, the Pixel Fold.

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