Google reportedly plans a Pixel Pass, much like Apple One Subscription and iPhone upgrade plans

As you might have expected Google is typically going in the route of Apple to encounter the Apple One subscription plan and iPhone Upgrade Program together using the Pixel Pass subscription plan. It’ll not only offer Google Pixel users to upgrade their device every year but also includes a bunch of premium subscription packages like YouTube Premium or YouTube Music, Google One, Play Pass, additional warranty of the device, Google Fi, etc.

This is the same as the Apple One subscription and iPhone Upgrade Program that we’ve seen already. It seems that Google is trying to compete with Apple using all of its resources. So, the Pixel 6 series launch event should gonna be interesting enough for the Pixel fans and those who have been waiting for such plans for a while. It’s already clear that Google is also interested in monopoly business policy just like Apple does.

A popular tech YouTuber M Brandon Lee has recently tweeted about more leaks of the upcoming Google Pixel 6 series devices. Additionally, the tweet also includes the Pixel Pass subscription plan which might come soon. According to Lee, the Pixel 6 model could be priced around $850 and the Pixel 6 Pro could be around $1099 approximately. However, the chances are possible that these leaked or expected pricing can change at any time.

So, you really can’t fully rely on these prices as of now. It’s also leaked that the Pixel 6 will come with three color options such as Kinda Coral, Sorta Seafoam, Stormy Black whereas the Pro model will have three color options that include Stormy Black, Sorta Sunny, Cloudy White.

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Now, coming to the topic, the Pixel Pass subscription plan would be a mobile-specific subscription bundle from Google that may offer Pixel phone with the promise of regular updates, first-party subscription services for free, and an extended device warranty via Preferred Care or Device Protection.


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