Google Pixel’s Adaptive Charging Reportedly Stops Working With Wireless Charger

The Google Pixel smartphones have a feature called Adaptive Charging that allows these phones to tweak their charging speed during the overnight charge. This feature is designed by Google for its devices to preserve their battery health by tweaking the charging speed under certain conditions. However, it appears that the system has a bug that prevents it from working when the phone is using a wireless charger.

According to multiple reports on Reddit [12, …., 3] and Google community forum, the Adaptive Charging feature is not working properly when the Pixel is using a wireless charger. Reportedly, this happens when a Google Pixel has configured recurring alarms, and the alarms repeat on the next day. As per the reports, Adaptive Charging does not activate on wireless charging, and this happens even after meeting the conditions for the feature to kick in.

Google Pixel's Adaptive Charging Reportedly Stops Working With Wireless Charger

Adaptive Charging Bug and Potential Workaround

As aforesaid, there’s reportedly a bug in the Google Pixel Adaptive Charging that prevents the feature from working while charging the device wirelessly. The problem occurs even when a user meets the aforementioned conditions. Users say that the feature works fine when you set a new alarm. But it does not work with recurring alarms, except on the first day. However, there seems to be a workaround for this issue, and if you’re also facing this problem, here’s what you can do.

Since the problem seems to be occurring with recurring alarms, you can try turning your alarm off and then turn it back on again. However, if it doesn’t fix the issue, delete your alarm and then set a new one on your Pixel device if using a wireless charger. That said, you need to do this manually every day if you want your Google Pixel to use Adaptive Charging while on wireless charging.

While there’s no official acknowledgment from Google on this issue, the company may already be working on a fix. The bug is already listed on Google’s Issues Tracker.

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