Google Play Store UI Test Makes it Harder to Check for App Updates

Last month, Google completely redesigned the Play Store, ditching the famous hamburger menu button. The company had embraced the hamburger-style menu for years now. It looks like the User Interface revamps brings in a lot of new changes to the general UI design Google has adhered to in the past.

A Redditor by the name of u/KnownStruggle1 first spotted the changes to the “My apps and games” section as well as the “Manage Apps and device”. The redesigned UI completely ditches the existing five tabs on the top of the screen – Updates, Installed, Library, Share, and Beta in favor of a simple two-tab design. The two new tabs are Overview and Manage.

Honestly, things look a lot more organized now, coming at the price of ease of access. The Overview tab now houses the Update app section as well as Play Protect stats, offline app sharing, storage stats, and the Ratings and reviews section.

Google Play Store makes it hard for users to check for app updates

Google Play Store makes it hard for users to check for app updates

Google Play Store makes it hard for users to check for app updates

Android users are used to going to the My Apps section of the Play Store to keep a tab on any available app updates. But it seems like this won’t be the case anymore, with users now requiring to click one more button in order to access the app update list. Google is making it really harder to check for app designs instead of just putting them in the sidebar.

The All Apps up to date section will have a See details button that takes you to the list of apps that can be updated. Sources had already leaked the new design last year with Google teasing the new UI in an APK teardown. Having said that, it might take quite some time before the new Play Store UI makes its way to your Android phone.



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