Google premieres a Japanese music video shot on Pixel 6

This is Tech Today has spotted the complete version of MO-EH-YO’s music video. One of the most exciting things about it is it was shot on a Google Pixel 6. Both the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro will be available soon. Having now released the video, the Google Pixel 6 series camera quality can definitely be promoted in real life. This is because we haven’t actually seen how the cameras perform yet. Here is a music video from Kaze Fujii.

Fuji has posted a teaser video for the ‘MO-EH-YO’ (or ‘Ignite’) that appears to feature 15 seconds of Pixel 6 footage.

 Due to the teaser video’s black and white color mode, we can’t really tell how good the Pixel 6’s camera is. Maybe Google is hinting that the Pixel 6 series has a monochrome effect while recording or sharing images or videos. Additionally, we can’t check whether or not this video is in full resolution since the teaser isn’t available in 4K.

In first impressions, the fine details in Fujii’s hair and jacket seem to be clear and well processed even while in motion. The possibility exists that Google will include five 30-second shorts on YouTube that will run in sequence across the largest television networks in Japan across five different networks.

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