Google Recorder 2.2 Starts Rolling Out to Pixel Phones With Audio Backups, Web App

Last week, Google made, the web app for Google Recorder, go live for playing, searching, and sharing audio online. Now, the tech giant has started rolling out an update to the Google Recorder app for Android on Pixel devices. The app comes with version 2.2 and allows users to enable backups and web access. Being called Google Recorder 2.2, the app is widely rolling out via Google Play Store.

When you update the Google Recorder app from version 2.1 to 2.2, you’re greeted with a “Back up your recordings?” prompt. The sheet explains how you can back up your recordings and how you can turn them on/off in settings. Note that to use the web app, you first need to set up the backup. This will allow the app to upload and sync your recordings, and you’ll get a confirmatory prompt after every successful upload.

Google Recorder 2.2 Starts Rolling Out to Pixel Phones With Audio Backups, Web App

Google Recorder 2.2 Features, How to Turn On/Off Backup

The new Google Recorder works in sync with the web app located at that you can access anytime from anywhere. For your local recordings to get stored on your Google account, you first need to turn on the backup in your Recorder app. Note that this feature is available on version 2.2 of the Android app only. So, if you don’t have the updated app then you will have to update it to the latest version (v2.2) from Playstore.

If you have multiple Google accounts then need to select your desired account on which you want your recordings to be saved. Note that Google will count your audio uploads against your Google Drive/One storage cap. However, users can switch this at any time from settings. Further, the app also gives you an option to choose to “Keep recordings offline.” Apart from this, your profile avatar now appears in the top-right corner of the app with the backup status.

Once your audio back is complete, Recorder on the web will start working and a list of everything recorded and uploaded will appear on the left side of the screen. The good thing is that you can even hide them. Apart from this, a two-column view shows the audio waveform on one side and its transcriptions appear at the right.

Google Recorder 2.2 Starts Rolling Out to Pixel Phones With Audio Backups, Web App

Below, there lies a full scrubber bar with player controls. You can also “Search in this recording” at the top. So, you can play recordings while within the app or on any web browser by accessing the web app. Besides, the recordings sync across your Pixel devices, meaning you need not transfer your recordings if you buy a new Pixel device. Further, an important feature that gives you the ability to share your recordings comes with the Google Recorder 2.2. Like Drive and Photos, you can get a sharable link of your recording that you can share with people.

The update is already rolling out widely via the Google Play Store and you can update it to the latest version on your phone.

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