Google Shutting Down its Shopping App for Android, iOS in favor of the Web

From Hangouts to Play Music, Google has killed tens, if not hundreds, of its products. Now, the tech giant is about to kill its mobile shopping app — Google Shopping — for both Android and iOS. According to a report, the mobile shopping app from Google on both Android and iOS is now directing users to the search giant’s web Shopping site. Recently, a term called ‘sunset’ had also been spotted in several strings of the code in the Shopping app, suggesting the apps were being shut down.

Google Shutting Down Its Shopping App for Android, iOS in Favour of the Web

According to the Google spokesperson (via 9to5Google), the apps will continue to function through June. The spokesperson said that the Shopping app will no longer be supported within the next few weeks, and all of the functionality will be available on the Shopping tab on Google. While the apps are being discontinued, the site will continue to function and remain active. The official also said that the company will continue building features within the Shopping tab and other Google surfaces, though.

Google Shutting Down Its Shopping App for Android, iOS in Favour of the Web

All of the users who might be using the Google Shopping app know that it allowed you to choose from among thousands of online stores. You could purchase and order things using your Google account. But now, the mobile shopping application is being shut down in favor of the web. Most of the Shopping app users have started seeing a “something went wrong” message when they try to use the app. It now reportedly directs users to the shopping site.

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