Google is Reprising Tablets With Entertainment Space to Glue in Users

Android tablets garnered several units sold in a couple of years due to many reasons, one being the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. However, tablets have a tiny piece of the market and even tablets are used as machines for gaming, conferences, watching media, and others, they can be quite annoying if some apps aren’t optimized for the big screen. Cut to now, Google is now reprising the UI on these Android tablets adding a new section called Entertainment Space which is similar to Google Discover.

Google releases Entertainment Space on Android tablets

The Entertainment Space is a replacement to Google Discover and looks more like a Google TV interface. It has everything from games to movies to books and is ready for users with just a click.

If you are an Android tablet user, you will be able to stream movies from an OTT or video-streaming platform on the Entertainment Space or you can browse through its massive catalog of games. Some require users to download the game first before playing, some titles are available with instant play support allowing users to simply play without downloading it.

Google is reprising tablets with Entertainment Space to glue in users

If that’s not enough, Google Entertainment Space for Android tablets offers a tonne of books with free previews and on just a single interface. You can check out the library, find out what are the titles recommended for you, or simply listen to audiobooks if you are interested in books.

The Entertainment Space looks more like Google TV as it offers various categories of games, movies, TV shows, books, and more on a single interface.

Don’t hurry just yet as the feature isn’t universally available yet. Google is currently rolling out the new feature on Android tablets from Walmart’s Onn brand. This means other OEMs including Sharp, Lenovo, and others will join the wagon soon although Google hasn’t actually specified the timeline yet. The feature will eventually roll out globally by the end of this year.

According to Mishaal Rahman, the Entertainment Space will have a different launcher APK. It remains a question as to how it will work with the default launcher.

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