Google True Pixel Story Video Series Highlights Car Crash Detection and Live Caption Feature

Google has endless products and experiments up its sleeve. The company introduced its Car Crash Detection feature back in 2019 on the Google Pixel 4. It automatically calls 911 if it thinks you are in a car crash. This, along with the Live Caption feature, is part of the True Pixel Story video series.

The Car Crash Detection feature was highlighted quite a few times on Twitter, but it is the first time Google is showcasing it in a video series. It is currently available on numerous Pixel devices, starting with the Pixel 3 and all subsequent models. However, Car Crash Detection is only limited to the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia. The feature uses the location, microphone, and motion sensors to determine if a user is involved in a car crash.

If the conditions are met, or Google thinks the user is in a car crash, the phone will ring and vibrate loudly. Users can use the trigger word “Emergency” or tap the screen twice to make a call. Google allows the user to cancel the call before 60 seconds, after which Google will automatically dial. The Pixel device will then share your location with the authorities and report to them that a car crash has happened.

On the other hand, the Live Caption feature works by automatically providing subtitles to any audio played on the device. The feature works without an active internet connection. Google also used it during the Oscar Awards.

The True Pixel Story video series ends with Google asking users to share their stories at [email protected] It is the first time Google has creatively advertised the features on the Pixel devices. The True Pixel Story series is really good way to discover what Google has to offer.



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