Google could introduce their Magic Eraser feature with the Pixel 6 Series

As the release date of the Pixel 6 duo is coming closer, more and more details or features are getting revealed every day. Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro will come up with plenty of improved and new camera features apart from advanced video recording options. Google’s ‘Magic Eraser’ feature is one of them. It apparently could come with the Pixel 6 series according to leaks.

XDA Developers blog has recently released an article on it having a deeper dive into the Pixel 6 Pro’s camera specifications and its new features briefly. So, as the name suggests, the Magic Eraser is capable of removing unwanted objects very wisely. Although the same kind of feature was announced back in 2018, it hasn’t been released yet. maybe the time has arrived and the AI image obstruction removal feature could come with the Pixel 6 series.

Due to the accelerated Tensor’s TPU, the post-processing effect of the images is far better and it’ll be easier to remove the background or unwanted objects directly from the image editor option or gallery. Apart from it, the motion blur, baby mode, manual white balance adjustment, face deblur, scene lock, front torch, Bluetooth microphone support, timer light, Nima aesthetic, frequent faces v2, portrait spotlight, etc. will appear on the list.

At this point in time ScoopSquare24 does not have specifics on what these mentioned features do and how efficiently they function. So, we’ll have to wait further for exact details.

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