Google’s Pixel 6 Takes Translation to Another Level, Can “Live Translate” Messages, Images, and More

Google’s Pixel 6 has continued to be in the news even after its launch on Tuesday, thanks to the loads of features it brings. Among the many benefits of its built-in Tensor machine learning, the Pixel 6 comes with powerful “Live Translate” integrated into the system. This makes the tech giant’s latest smartphone series able to Live Translate incoming messages, text in the camera viewfinder, and the transcribed audio — even when offline. As Mishaal Rahman quotes, “This feature is the reason Google developed the UI translation stuff for Android 12,” which is quite true.

With Pixel 6, Google has introduced a suite of features it calls “Live Translate” — thanks to the machine learning capabilities of its custom-made Tensor chip. It can work using downloaded language models, making translation available offline and more private. So to make the experience of Pixel 6 users more convenient and fun, Live Translate has been integrated where they need it most. For example, you don’t need to switch between apps to carry a conversation, but Live Translate can translate conversations directly in the supported apps like Google Messages, WhatsApp, Line, and more.

Live Translate in Camera, Messaging Apps: See Demo

One of the major integrations of Live Translate comes with the Camera app in Pixel 6. Google has added the ability to Live Translate directly into the Camera app on Pixel 6 by integrating Google Lens. You can find an option for “Lens” in the “Modes” tab of the Camera app. To translate some image, say a signboard in front of you, you can directly open the Camera app on your Pixel 6 and select Lens from the Modes. Indeed, Lens is not new as it has been there for quite some years, but the integration of Lens in the built-in Camera app in Pixel 6 for Live Translate is no doubt a convenient feature.

The most notable new addition of Live Translation we see is in the Messaging app. This is the demo of Android 12’s Live Translate working in a Messaging app where it translates conversations to your preferred language. When a Pixel 6 user receives a message in a language that he doesn’t understand, he/she gets an option to translate it to English (or a language of choice). There appears a new settings pop-up for users to select a language that they want the messages to translate into, which has never been seen before.

These are some of the many Live Translate features of Android 12 in the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro devices. You can click any of the tweets above or here to see a demo of all other Live Translate features.

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