Greg Germann of Grey’s Anatomy exits as series regular along with Jesse Williams

Looks like Grey’s Anatomy fans will have to suffer another setback during the current episode “Tradition” from Season 17 Episode 15. As it turns out, Greg Germann who plays the role of Dr. Tom Koracick is departing from the show as a series regular. Instead, he will be seen in a few guest appearances later on.

Greg Germann leaving Grey’s Anatomy

Episode 15 of Season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy bids goodbye to Jesse Williams who plays the character of Jackson Avery. Greg Germann is joining the wagon which means the episode will leave fans sobbing as two of the prominent characters leave the show although on a story arc that leads them to Boston at least on-screen.

Jesse Williams’ character Jackson Avery is heading to Boston where he will take over the family foundation that works towards creating racial equity in medicine. The hour-long show already gives a farewell to the beloved character and with Greg’s exit, the tally is of two characters leaving the series that we loved.

Greg Germann of Grey’s Anatomy exits as series regular along with Jesse Williams

According to Krista Vernoff, executive producer and showrunner at Grey’s Anatomy, Greg Germann is a comic genius and has bestowed his talents ever since he joined the medical show in 2017. Dr. Tom Koracick (played by Germann) is a brilliant neurosurgeon, is an unapologetic genius, and has many romantic pursuits. Tom joined the show as a recurring character in Season 14 and was later appointed as a series regular in Season 16.

Dr. Tom Koracick has been battling COVID during the show just like Meredith. He adds how he lost six of his mates to COVID and he was the only white guy left. Koracick joins Johnson after hearing an impressive and encouraging speech by a man who was operating on to remove a clot. He asks Johnson to join his Boston Foundation where he will operate, administer, and more and doesn’t even need to be paid for it. Hearing this, Jackson promptly hires Koracick and asks him to join him in Boston but not in the same flight, or else he will be tempted to fire Koracick in the flight itself.

Grey’s Anatomy S17E15 Tradition aired on May 20, 2021, so if you haven’t seen it yet, don’t miss the chance although you already know a lot of spoilers after reading this news.


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