GTA 6 Launch Rumours: Grand Theft Auto 6 to Feature Playable Female Propagandist, Project Americas, and More

GTA 6 has been in rumors for a long time with some rumors going back to 2016. But the next big Grand Theft Auto game has no release date and even the official confirmation from Rockstar Games yet. Despite this, the rumors about the game continue to emerge, some fuelled by fan speculation and some by unverified leaks on everything. These include leaks on things from potential locations and the time period to which platforms the GTA 6 will hit. There have been numerous such rumors, and if they turn out to be true, we have a lot of information about what the Grand Theft Auto 6 will have to offer, at least.

GTA 6 Will Have Female Propagandist

Note that these are just rumors and none of them are verified officially by Rockstar. So, take this information as a guide point to what you can expect from the upcoming GTA title. Speaking of the rumors and leaks, the most significant addition that is claimed to come to GTA 6 is the playable female propagandist. In January 2021, Tom Henderson, a popular COD leakster, revealed that GTA 6, for the first time, will feature a playable female propagandist. This means that the upcoming GTA title will have both playable female and male characters. Though this isn’t confirmed by Rockstar, we should wait for the developer to announce it, hopefully in the coming months.

GTA 6 Will Be Set Both in the US and South America

According to an “inside source” of Inside Gaming, the GTA 6 carries a codename as Project Americas. This reportedly refers to a feature that will allow players to switch between two settings, one in the US, and one in South America. Back in 2018, it was reported that that the game will be set in Miami or Vice City, which if true, makes sense for GTA 6 to be a period piece like 2002’s Vice City. The report, when asked if GTA will ever return to Vice City, did say that “it is always a possibility.”

GTA 6 Could Be Set in Liberty City and Vice City

GTA 6 Launch Rumours: Grand Theft Auto 6 to Feature Playable Female Propagandist, Project Americas, and More

Another rumor in 2019 leaked unverified information about Grand Theft Auto 6, which claimed the game will be set in Liberty City, as well. The report also confirmed that the “Project Americas” codename was correct and the South America setting would be also there. In the Vice City setting, the post said that GTA 6 will take place not just in the fictionalized Florida city, but also the fictionalized NYC called Liberty City.

GTA 6 Rumoured to Have Multiple Eras

According to the same 2019 leak, the GTA 6 is claimed to be set in the ’70s or ’80s, but several environment asses are also modern-day. This suggests that either the game is set across two eras or a separate Online mode will come with the modern-day setting.

GTA 6 Launch Rumours: Late 2021, 2022, or October 2023?

There have been many rumors about the Grand Theft Auto 6 launch, some first claiming the launch in “mid-to-late 2020.” Since it has turned out to be false, other reports have claimed that the GTA 6 will launch in late 2021 or 2022. However, a recent leak has suggested that the GTA 6 will launch by October 2023 with its first three chapters set in the 1970s. The ambiguity in the launch timelines can only mean that if the upcoming game may launch as early as late this year, and if delayed, may go be released in 2023, or maybe even later.

GTA 6 Launch Rumours: Grand Theft Auto 6 to Feature Playable Female Propagandist, Project Americas, and More

Note that there have been many rumors about GTA 6 like the game will be a PS5 exclusive, Rockstar teasing the game with its robotic art, crossplay, and more. However, it needs to be seen what actually makes it to the next GTA title.

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