Gucci collaborates with Roblox to bring a VR Gucci Garden experience

Last year, Gucci partnered up with Roblox and brought in some rare items in the Roblox world. As a part of outreaching to the younger audience, the famous fashion brand has once again collaborated with the popular online game.

This time, Gucci is bringing an entire VR Gucci Garden experience. The garden reproduces the brand’s real-world multimedia installations at the Gucci Palace in Florence, Italy. If you want to take a virtual tour, the real “Gucci Garden Archetypes” is also available on the company’s dedicated website.

Coming back to Roblox, anyone who has the game can explore the virtual space for two weeks, starting from May 17. The exhibition looks at Gucci’s most celebrated campaigns and is created under the supervision of the creative art director Alessandro Michele. Some iconic rooms, such as the “Tokyo Lights” room, are filled with numerous lights, colors, and noises, similar to the Japanese City.

Gucci collaborates with Roblox to bring a VR Gucci Garden experience

Morgan Tucker, the senior director of Roblox, explained to Vogue business that the Gucci Garden adds a

a level of immersion that would match, if not exceed, what you see in the real world, and really pushes the limits of what the platform is capable of.

Players who decide to wander in the virtual space will start as a gender-neutral avatar since all of us enter this world as a blank canvas. Upon exploring and interacting with the things in the world, the character will begin to take shape.

You can also purchase virtual accessories and clothes like last time. It will also be shown in the main lobby and can be downloaded or shared on social media. Roblox currently has an active player base of 42 million, with most of the audience belonging to the 17-21 years age group.



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