Best-Configured 8.4″ Handheld Console ONEXPLAYER to go live on Indiegogo

Earlier, Nintendo Switch was undisputed in the PC form factors, however, things have changed now. The Switch has already received tough competition from Aaya Neo, GPD Win 3 which was earlier available on Indiegogo and now is being sold outside the crowdfunding website, and now, there’s another called ONEXPLAYER.

ONEXPLAYER – The First 8.4-inch gaming consoles

Apparently, ONEXPLAYER is the first 8.4-inch gaming console that supports AAA games. According to its listing on Indiegogo where it will debut for crowdfunding, the ONEXPLAYER is one of the best-performing handheld gaming devices. It has some of the best specifications including a giant 8.4-inch FHD IPS display with a 2560×1600 pixels resolution hosting a 358 PPI density. The listing does mention that the makers wanted to introduce a performance-focused game console and there it is.

The listing further adds information on the chipset under the hood. The ONEXPLAYER runs on the latest Intel Core i7-1185G7 with iRIS Xe Graphics 96EU. Having such a beast under the hood translates into more FPS, more functions, and a total power beast. The ABXY keys arrangement and radian have been specifically designed to fit right in your palm without any issue. 

Best-configured 8.4" handheld console ONEXPLAYER to go live on Indiegogo

The makers have already hosted 5 major testing events to try the ONEXPLAYER and the results are incredible as the handheld console has received positive feedback from hardware gamers. Suggestions and feedback have been taken to improve upon the console before it is made to undergo mass production soon.

Going forward, the ONEXPLAYER arrives with 2 linear triggers and a dock that further adds to its immersive gaming experience. Having triggers and a handheld console so powerful will surely give you an edge over others. 

ONEXPLAYER will soon debut on Indiegogo for crowdfunding before it could go on sale. This is a super-premium product and thus, only a limited number of consoles will be produced, and with the Super Early Bird offer, you can get the ONEXPLAYER at $819 at the minimum. Note that this tier is limited and thus, only the first few backers on Indiegogo will get their hands on it. You can check out the Indiegogo listing of ONEXPLAYER here that will commence taking funding on May 18. 


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