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Hawick Lau is a Full-Time Parent | 

Hawick Lau is a Full-Time Parent

After his divorce from Yang Mi (楊冪) last December, Hawick Lau (劉愷威) was seen spending more time in Hong Kong with their daughter Noemie. The 44-year-old actor has been frequently spotted running errands for his daughter around the city, and was most recently seen picking Noemie up from school with his mother.

Noemie, who is now five years old, is said to have resembled Hawick when she was a toddler. Now that’s growing older, she is starting to resemble her mother Yang Mi more and more each day.

The little girl immediately jumped into Hawick’s arms when she saw him. Reportedly, Hawick had just returned to Hong Kong from a filming project in Shenzhen. The actor has become more selective in his job offers, as he hopes to be closer to his daughter.

While both of Noemie’s parents are away for work, it is Hawick’s mother who becomes in charge of her care. According to TVB actor Lau Dan (劉丹), Hawick’s father, Noemie’s “favorite person in the world” is her grandmother, followed by her dad Hawick.

Hawick, however, didn’t take Noemie home after school that day. Noemie was driven home by their family’s driver, while Hawick himself left separately in his own car for a doctor’s appointment. Reportedly, Hawick had been sick all day, but he made sure to be available to see his daughter back from school.

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