HBO Max App Reportedly Stops Working on Android TV After a Recent Update

HBO Max is one of the largest video streaming services, and it has gained over 69 million users since its launch about four years ago. Like many other video streaming services, HBO Max keeps updating its apps across platforms to offer the best of its services and make its users’ experience better. However, some updates don’t go as expected and break things for users due to some bugs.

That said, the company recently released an update to its HBO Max app, and it turns out that it has rendered the app useless on Android TV devices. Many users have reported on Twitter [1, 2] and Google community forum to complain of this issue. According to the reports, the HBO Max app on Android TV has stopped working for many users after the new update. Some users report that the app force closes and crashes after they try to open it on their Android TV devices. While some report that the application loads into a black screen after upgrading it to the latest version.

HBO Max App Reportedly Stops Working on Android TV After a Recent Update

Bug in HBO Max app on Android TV, Not Yet Acknowledged

As aforesaid, the reports from users suggest that the latest version of the HBO Max app does not load or shows a black screen on Android TV. According to users, the app first opens as usual with a splash screen showing HBO Max, but later it crashes and loads into a black screen. Even doing some usual workarounds like clearing cache/data and removing/reinstalling the app does not seem to fix the issue. It’s very frustrating for users who pay for the service but are unable to access it — with apparently no solution.

Moreover, both the companies, HBO Max and Google (developer of Android TV), have not yet acknowledged this issue officially. However, HBO Max’s support team has responded to user reports on Twitter and asked for details on the issue. The company has also suggested some workarounds. For now, that’s all we know about this issue. We will update you when the company fixes the issue in the coming days.

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