Honor X20 confirmed along with release date and key specs

Back in June, Honor released the highly anticipated X20 SE. The company has confirmed that they will be adding another member to the existing X20 lineup, the recently leaked Honor X20.

The Honor X20 will be released on August 12. It looks like Honor is not shy when it comes to flaunting their upcoming device. Apart from announcing the release date, the company also posted an image of the phone on the Chinese website Weibo shows the Honor X20 design in its full glory.

One can easily see that the phone has a 64MP triple camera setup accompanied by a pill-shaped hole on the front side of the phone.

Honor X20 confirmed along with release date and key specs

Recently, a leaked design showed us that the volume rocker would be placed on the phone’s right side with the power button right beneath it with an integrated fingerprint scanner. The leaks have now been confirmed, with the company posting the image showing the same.

However, it remains to be seen if the phone will feature an LCD screen or an AMOLED display. Moreover, we have no details about the size and the resolution of the screen. But Honor did confirm the fact that it will feature a high refresh rate 120Hz display.

Some other specifications the company revealed include 5G connectivity, a 6nm SoC and 66W fast charging capability. Since we have one more week to go, other details about the phone might also surface on the internet in the coming days.


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