Google shares some insight into how the new Face Unblur feature works in Pixel 6

With regards to Face Detection, it is a technology used in cameras that basically allows for a host of additional features such as improving focus, exposure, white balance, or even removing blur from the face using the new Face Unblur feature available in the Pixel 6 phones.

In the same way as other AI-enabled features or functions, the Face Detection feature on the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro is also designed and developed efficiently to work with AI like a charm. Due to the battery consumption of mobile cameras, it was imperative to implement the face detection model with a reasonable budget. Therefore, Google has combined the spaghetti search space with an algorithm that identifies architectures that maximize accuracy at a given energy target.

Face Unblur feature improved in Pixel
Image Courtesy: Google AI Blog

This approach achieves the same accuracy at around ~70% of the energy when compared with a heavily optimized baseline model. The resulting model is called as ‘FaceSSD’. It is more accurate and power-efficient. Furthermore, this improved model includes improvements for auto-white balance and auto-exposure tuning that are part of Google Pixel 6.

As a result of these step-by-step Face Detection advancements, the front camera on Pixel 6 devices will more accurately depict the beauty of all skin tones. Developers of Google Pixel apps can use this Face Detection model through the Android Camera2 API, which is more optimized and compatible with Pixel 6 and later.

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