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How to Add Music to an iPod Nano without iTunes

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Many people will cherish the iPod Nano. It is sad that this Apple device, along with the iPod Shuffle, was discontinued in 2017. If you still have this beautiful device, congratulations! We won’t likely see another model of it. We can help you put music on your iPod without iTunes if you have been thinking about whether you should remove the Nano from your storage.

iTunes can be difficult to use even for people who are somewhat tech-savvy. It is a tedious process that takes a lot of time and doesn’t always work out in our favor. Worse, you must go through several steps to convert audio files not supported by iTunes. Then wait for songs to sync to your iPod.

Mac users can’t use iTunes anymore as the tool is no longer available for them. Only Windows PC owners can access this software. Softorino’s desktop software WALTR PRO, inspired by Breaking Bad, provides all the answers.

Before we get into the many advantages of WALTR PRO for your Mac or Windows PC let’s first learn how to add music to an iPod without iTunes using this innovative software.

How can you add music to your iPod Nano without iTunes?

iTunes, as mentioned previously, is not recommended by many Apple device owners. It can be difficult to use and can hog most your time. You might find other online tools to convert and transfer your iPod, but their reliability is questionable.

WALTR PRO has been designed to make life easier for iOS users. This tool converts multiple audio tracks into an iOS-friendly format in a matter of minutes or less. Users can then transfer their chosen tracks directly to their Apple devices.

It supports bulk conversions and transfer, unlike other apps, and also adds metadata to audio files. This includes the original album art.

Here’s how it works:

Step #1: Downloading and installing the tool

Downloading and installing the tool

Open Softorino’s website on your Windows PC or Mac to download WALTR PRO, a free trial version. The trial version allows you to convert and transfer unlimited audio files. If you are satisfied with the features and functions of the tool, you can purchase a budget-friendly license.

To get a better understanding of WALTR PRO, you will need to install it on your computer. Next, watch the onboarding video. After you have watched the onboarding video you will be asked for your email address. Once you have provided your email address, you will be sent a trial key. You can then proceed to the trial version of the program by entering that key into the appropriate field.

Step #2: Connecting Your iPod Nano To Your Laptop

Connecting Your iPod Nano To Your Laptop

You’re looking to learn how to add music to an iPod Nano without iTunes. To do this, you will need to connect your iPod Nano with your computer using the USB cable. You can, however, skip this step and save the converted files to your computer.

Importantly, it is important to remember that the first transfer will be done via a USB cable. After that, all files can be transferred via Wi-Fi, provided that the iPod Nano and your laptop are connected to the same network.

After you have connected your iPod Nano to WALTR PRO, go to the settings wheel and click on Enable WiFi Connectivity. After you turn this on, the tracks can be transferred to your iPod Nano via Wi-Fi without needing to use a USB cable.

Step #3: Dragging and dropping

Dragging and dropping

WALTR PRO is a better tool than other tools that claim to simplify our lives but are inefficient and unreliable. It has commendable output files, and an easy drag-and-drop interface.

Select Files on Waltr PRO allows you to browse your files and select them from the WALTR Pro window. Or, drag and drop the files into the window. Drag and drop files to initiate the conversion and transfer process.

Click on the Convert and Transmit button to select your iPod Nano from the available devices. The entire process takes only a few seconds or a few minutes depending on how large the file is. You can relax and wait until the files are converted to an iOS-friendly format. They will then end up in your Music Library for iPod Nano.

Why is WALTR PRO receiving rave reviews?

WALTR PRO has been proven to be one of the most reliable and efficient tools on the market for iOS-related transfers and conversions. It is extremely fast, easy, and both time- and budget-efficient. There’s so much more to this software than meets your eye!

Here are other reasons WALTR PRO is a great choice:

  • Wi-Fi can be used to transfer any converted files
  • Edit the destination of your files easily
  • This device is affordable and offers many fun features.
  • Conversions and transfers are made easy by the drag-and-drop feature
  • WALTR PRO offers many customization options

How can you download and transfer music from YouTube?

YouTube is the best music app because it contains all of our favorite tracks. Sometimes it can be difficult to download YouTube songs, convert them into an iOS-friendly format and then transfer them to your Apple device.

Softorino has been responsive to our needs and has provided one of the most powerful tools for this purpose. You can download any YouTube video, audiobook or podcast and then transfer it to your Apple device. Enjoy uninterrupted listening on your Apple Music app using Softorino YouTube Conversion 2 [SYC2].

Both Mac and Windows PCs can use this app. It makes it easy to download, convert, and transfer YouTube songs. Here’s how SYC2 works.

Step #1: Download and install SYC2

The free trial version offers unlimited conversions and transfer for 24 hours. After the download is completed, you can install SYC2 onto your Windows PC or Mac to enjoy a full day’s worth of YouTube to iOS conversions.

If you are satisfied with the results, you may also choose to invest in its cost-efficient licence and opt for a monthly or annual payment plan.

Step #2: Search for your favorite tracks on YouTube

SYC2 comes with a built-in browser that makes it easy to search for music on YouTube. Simply type the name of the song or artist into the search bar on SYC2 to search YouTube for your favourite tracks. After pressing enter, the browser will display the top results of the website.

Choose the video you wish to convert to an iOS-friendly format, and then transfer it to your iPod Nano. After clicking on a song, you will see an Add to Queue option. Click this option to add the song to the queue to be converted or transferred.

You can repeat this process for as many YouTube videos as you wish. You can also search other music streaming sites like SoundCloud, Vimeo and MixCloud.

Step #3: Convert and transfer songs to your iPod Nano

Once you are satisfied with the songs you have added to the queue using the built-in browser you can adjust the conversion and/or transfer settings to suit your needs. You can choose Audio under the Convert to option if you are looking for audio files which will be saved to your iPod Nano’s music library.

Select Audio from the available formats. Next, choose your iPod Nano from the drop-down list under the Save to option. Then, click the Convert and transfer to iPod button at bottom of the window.

There will be no need to open third-party tools or apps. All your YouTube videos will be converted into an iOS-friendly format, and then transferred directly to your iPod Nano.

Final words:

Even though the iPod Nano is a great device, there are ways you can save storage space on your phone or laptop. With excellent sound quality, you can listen to music for hours without interruptions.

This guide will show you how to add music to an iPod Nano without iTunes. We hope it helps you make a decision about getting out your iPod Nano and dusting it off before you start jamming! Visit Softorino’s official website to learn more about the revolutionary tools it offers.

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