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How to Avail Apple Student Discount in India 2022

If you are looking to buy any new Apple product from its online or offline store here in India, then you should definitely check this article on how to avail the Apple Student Discount in India to get some serious benefits. Let’s get started!

What Does Apple Student Offer Mean?

Apple sells their products in two ways mostly, direct to consumers and businesses and educational institutes like schools, colleges, and universities under the Apple Education program. So, for the purchases made under this education program, the student discount, teacher discount, etc. comes to provide the authorized buyers receive benefits like discounts, freebies, etc.

As the name suggests, Apple Student Offer is meant for the students who are looking to purchase any new Apple product like an iPad, a Mac, etc., get student discounts to help ease out the standard pricing of the products that are available for the general public.

Eligibility Criteria to Avail Apple Student Discount in India:

In order to take advantage of the Apple Student Discount in India, you must fulfill the following criteria as set by UNiDAYS and Apple collectively.

  • ID Proof of the person should be aged above 16 years.
  • The person from the ID Proof should be a student at an educational institute.
  • Along with the ID Prood, the person should also have a valid and working student email address for verification purposes.
  • The maximum age limit is of 25 years.

If you meet these criteria, then you can easily avail the student discount offer from Apple across various products whether you visit the offline store or shop online at Apple’s Online India store which went live in September 2020.

Apple Student Offer – Online Vs. Offline:

Moving on, if you’re eligible to use the Apple Student Discount in India and fulfil the criteria mentioned above, you can utilize this online as well as offline. The student discount offer is available across all the Apple premium and authorized resellers in the country. All you need is your ID proof that you have to carry along to the shop and you are done, Just finalize the desired product and let the staff do the rest for you.

To check and find the nearest reseller to your place, visit this location page and enter the details. If you wish to enjoy this offer from the comfort of your home, there is an option available in the form of Apple Online Store India, which has been explained in detail in the below sections.

About UNiDAYS Platform:

UNiDAYS is a global platform/website founded in 2011 in the United Kingdom that offers various student deals and offers for students enrolled in higher education institutes like colleges, and universities. The platform performs the verification of these students and provides them with significant discount benefits across various brands like Apple, H&M, Dell, Samsung, etc.

UNiDAYS works across various countries and globally recognized and trustworthy sources to guarantee your details are put to good use and remain confidential. The biggest reason to support this is the inclusion of the brand Apple, which itself speaks for itself.

Steps to Avail Apple Student Discount in India (Online):

If you prefer to shop for the new Apple products online, then there is a way to do that comfortably while also getting student discounts across the product lineup from Apple. This is possible using UNiDAYS, which was explained earlier in the article. Kindly follow the steps mentioned below to avail the student discount for Apple in India without any hassle.

  • Open your browser on any device. In our case, we are using a PC.
  • Visit the Apple India page and scroll down to find the ‘Apple Education’ section. Alternatively, you can visit the Apple India Education page directly to start with the process.
  • Click on the ‘Get verified with UNiDAYS’ tab to start with the registration process.
  • Once the MyUniDays page opens, start entering the required details accordingly.
  • Enter your college/institute/university name to select it. If you are unable to see your institute listed there, do not worry. 
    • Click on the ‘Can’t find your institution?’ button.
    • Here, you will be asked to give your educational institute registered email address that will be used for further steps of verification. 
    • Alternatively, you can directly chat or call an Apple support specialist to help you resolve this issue and get you verified directly through Apple connect.
  • If you see your institution, then great news for you. You can enter the details of your course duration and upload the relevant ID proof of your educational institute.
  • As soon as this gets verified, you can visit the Apple India Education page and start shopping for the Apple products that now include the Apple Student Offer discounts.

Apple Student Discount in India Website

Apple Products Available Under the Apple Student Offer:

If you are wondering to grab the latest model of the iPhone from this student discount deal, then you are completely mistaken. Apple wants you to get the products that help you achieve greater heights in the academic field, and iPhones don’t do that. Under the Apple Student Offer, you are eligible to browse and purchase certain models of iPad and Mac.

iPads have been very popular under this Student program so getting an iPad Student Discount in India makes more sense for a student, again given the type of usage you have. Anyways, the list of devices available with their discounted prices has been listed below in the table for your reference.

Product NameStandard Starting PricingStudent Discount Starting Pricing
Apple MacBook Air (M1, 2020)₹99900.00₹89900.00
Apple MacBook Air (M2, 2022)₹119900.00₹109900.00
Apple MacBook Pro (13”, M2, 2022)₹129900.00₹119900.00
Apple MacBook Pro (14”, 2021)₹194900.00₹175410.00
Apple MacBook Pro (16”, 2021)₹239900.00₹215910.00
Apple iMac (M1, 2021)₹119900.00₹107910.00
Apple Mac Mini (M1, 2020)₹64900.00₹58410.00
Apple Mac Studio (2022)₹189900.00₹170910.00
Apple Mac Pro (2019)₹499900.00₹449910.00
Apple iPad Pro (M1, 2021)₹71900.00₹68300.00
Apple iPad Air (M1, 2022)₹54900.00₹50780.00
Apple iPad (A13, 2021)₹30900.00₹29040.00
Apple iPad Mini (A15, 2021)₹46900.00₹44550.00
Apple Products Comparison of Standard and Student Discount Starting Pricing

Note: With every purchase under the Apple Student Discount in India, you will receive a pair of Apple AirPods plus a 20% off on AppleCare+ with the eligible products till the offer lasts.


And that is a wrap for this article. We hope you found this article helpful and were able to gather information on how to avail Apple Student Discount in India. If you have any doubts or queries, kindly drop them down in the comments below. Till then, keep reading and exploring, and we shall see you in the next one.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs):

Q1. Do I have to return the product if I no longer have access to that Student ID proof given during purchase time?
No, once purchased, there is no need to return or exchange the product.

Q2. Is Student Discount for Apple in India genuine?
Yes, this Student Discount is genuine as it has been running globally across many countries and now finally has been introduced in India in 2020.

Q3. What to do if your Educational Institute is not listed in MyUniDays?
If you are not able to verify or find your educational institute on MuUniDays, then you can directly connect with Apple through the Chat Window or Call Support to get verified.

Q4. Can you apply for additional offers or deals with the Apple Student Offer?
If you are purchasing through Apple India Store online, then you won’t be able to club additional offers like card discounts, etc. there. Whereas if you visit the offline Apple Premium Resellers, there you may be able to get additional discounts through certain deals that the staff members will let you know.

Q5. Does UNiDAYS work only for Apple Student Offer?
UNiDAYS is available for a lot of brands like Dell, Samsung, etc. apart from Apple. So, if you wish to explore other brands, you can certainly do that and get student benefits.

Q6. How do I connect with an Apple Support specialist to get verified for Apple Student Offer?

You can dial this number ‘000800 1009009’ to get verified by an Apple Support staff or chat with the same on their website.

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