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How to Combine Videos on iPhone using iMovie App [Easy Method]

In today’s guide, you’ll learn how to combine videos on iPhone using the native iMovie app. The iPhone is incredibly superior when it comes to capturing stunning 4K videos or any other high-resolution footage.

However, capturing videos alone is not enough when you possess the spirit of a creator. You would look for a way to combine multiple videos into one and make it presentable when you send it via iMessage or simply post it on your social media accounts. 

Normally, the iMovie app comes preinstalled on an iPhone. If you have previously offloaded it, then you can redownload it from the App Store.

Generally, Apple’s pro-level video editor app is considered to be FCPX or Final Cut Pro X. Professionals in the video editing industry use FCPX on MacBook and iPad Pro. FCPX is not a free app and it costs a lot. Apple’s iMovie, however, is free to use. Thus, iMovie for iPhone or iPad is an excellent choice for casual video editing. 

Download iMovie for iPhone

Here is the official App Store link for downloading iMovie video editor. This is a free app for basic video editing. The link is safe to follow as it will redirect you to the official App Store of Apple.

How to Combine Videos on iPhone Using the iMovie App

  Let’s walk through each step.

  • Open the iMovie app
  • Tap on Create Project
  • Then tap on Movie to combine videos on your iPhone to singular footage.
  • Now, you will be redirected to the library of your recent photos and video clips that are stored locally on the iPhone
  • Tap on the option Media by navigating to the top left corner of the screen.
  • As we will be dealing with videos and combining them, tap on Video from the menu that expands under Media. 

combine videos on iPhone

  • Next, you can tap on All if you have too much stock video footage in your iPhone storage.
  • Otherwise, you may also tap on Recent to grab the lone videos that you captured recently and combine them on your iPhone.
  • For example, I have two small clips under Recent. It displays all the footage that you have recently shot.
  • You can select any footage to be the starting point of the resulting video. 
  • Once you select the primary footage, tap on the tick mark. [the white tick mark will turn into a blue tick mark]
  • By ticking it means that video is now added to the movie project as primary footage.
  • Now, to add any secondary footage, follow the same step.
  • Highlight the video clip by tapping on it followed by tapping the tick mark.
  • After adding the desired number of video clips tap on the option Create Movie present at the bottom of the display.

merge clips and Create movie on iMovie

Adding A Transition Effect to Move from One Footage to Another

You must know that to create a single video out of two separate videos, you have to use the transition effects in the iMovie app to merge them together.

  • Let the video project play.
  • Once the 1st footage reaches its end, you will see the transition icon separating the two clips.
  • Click the transition icon to choose the type of transition effect that will seamlessly blend the two videos into one.
  • Any Transition effect can be selected. For instance, I selected the Slide effect.
  • As the first footage ends playback, the second will slide in, making it appear that they are one video clip.
  • You can also set the speed of the transition from the preset speed available [in seconds]
  • You can also mute the audio of the videos if you want to add audio files externally, like it is done on TikTok, YouTube, or Instagram.
  • Once you have combined your videos on iPhone and tweaked them as per your requirements, tap Done. [option is present at the top left corner]
  • As soon as the video clip is ready, you can preview it and give it a convenient name.

rename the resulting video clip

  • Simply tap on the share button at the bottom of the screen to share the video clip via email, or you can post it on Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, or any other social media profile.

So, that’s the easiest way to combine videos on iPhone for free using the native iMovie app available on the iPhone and iPad. Try it out and share your experience of editing with iMovie in the comment section.

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