How To Turn On Snapchat Ghost Mode

Snapchat is probably the only social media platform to feature a real-time location services-based maps experience to see where your friends are currently. Well, some users are not fans of this location-based feature because of the privacy issues, so that is why Snapchat Ghost Mode comes to the rescue. Let’s get started.

What is the Snapchat Ghost Mode?

As said earlier, Snapchat comes with many options and features where one of them is this map explorer feature which lets you see the places your friends are current at the moment and also see what is happening trendy nearby. This only works if you have allowed your location access to the Snapchat interface. To stop this as some users felt the privacy fear, Ghost mode on Snapchat is used.

It means that Snapchat won’t be able to automatically collect and use the user’s real-time location from their device and share it on the Snapchat map among their friends. Do remember, even with the Ghost Mode on Snapchat enabled, your friends can still request your live location directly from you, which you can decide to give or not.

Though with this mode, you won’t be shown in the Snap map, but you will be entitled to have the option to share your live location with your friends or the people you choose. To turn on Ghost Mode, follow the steps mentioned below.

Steps to Enable Snapchat Ghost Mode:

  • Open Snapchat application
  • Click on your Profile icon
  • Tap the Settings button
  • Scroll to find See My Location
  • Here, you will see the Ghost Mode toggle
  • Enable the Toggle and set the duration of the timer as per your choice
  • You can also change the viewers who can view your location under the Who Can See My Location area

Steps to Turn On Snapchat Ghost Mode

We hope you enjoyed this article and were able to understand the meaning and how to turn on Ghost Mode on Snapchat. Should you have any doubts about how Snapchat works or anything else, kindly drop them down in the comments below. Till then, keep reading and exploring, and we shall see you in the next one.

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