Instagram Chronological Feed starts rolling out on both Android and iOS

Last year in December, Instagram did confirm that it’s working on the Chronological Feed element & most probably bringing it back in 2022. Well, the thing is happening for sure, and Instagram Chronological Feed starts pushing to update to the existing Instagram version for both Android and iOS users. To recall, this feature was removed almost six years ago and it has made a comeback again in 2022 which is surprising.

According to Adam Mosseri, the chronological feed option on Instagram is an algorithm-based feed or timeline that will appear on the user’s screen. Adam Mosseri has recently tweeted the announcement of the ‘Chrono update’. It did reveal that there will be two more feed options such as “Favorites” and “Following” from now on in addition to the algorithmic Home feed.

In terms of the “Following” section, it will be a ‘deterministic feed’ that will show posts from the accounts that you basically follow in a chronological way. These posts will show up directly on the main page of the Instagram app as usually we see. Whereas the “Favorites” feed section will show photos and videos from the Instagram accounts that are recommended or suggested to you.

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It’s important to mention that you’ll be able to add up to 50 accounts to view as favorites which will be a good thing. The native Home feed will be always there as a default one so you don’t need to worry about that. However, having multiple feed options will also increase a couple of issues for sure. That means whatever feed option you choose to display on Instagram, you’ll have to switch over to the respective feed every time you open or refresh the Instagram app.

This is what currently you may need to adjust as a user until developers come up with a new way to showcase it. So, the Instagram app will be always going back to the default Home feed option with recommendations whenever you refresh the page or re-launch it.

Although there is no actual ETA has been provided by the officials, we’re expecting it to arrive pretty soon for both mobile platforms. Till then stay tuned.

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