iOS 15 Might Feature New Notification System, iPadOS 15 to Change Home Screen

This year, Apple will be commencing their WWDC conference on June 7. If the Cupertino-based company follows its tradition, the company might unveil iOS 15 along with the iPadOS 15.

Although the next version of iOS might not be drastically changed, Apple usually announces the new feature so developers get enough time to iron out the bugs and glitches before the final launch. As is the case with previous iOS versions, we expect iOS 15 to release sometime in early summer alongside the next generation of the iPhone.

iOS 15 to Offer Better Notification Management

Some changes to iOS 15 will allow users to set different preferences for individual notifications that will depend on the current status. Users will easily be able to change their status using either Siri, from the lock screen, and even from the control center. Users might be able to choose from a predefined set of statuses such as driving, working, or sleeping or set a custom status.

iOS 15 might feature a new notification system

Users will be able to change how their device sends notifications according to user preferences. In case you want to automatically send replies to certain messages, you will be able to do so depending on the status you have set. Keep in mind that this feature will work as an add-on to the auto-reply feature that currently works when driving.

iPadOS 15 to Offer Better Home Screen Management

Coming to the iPadOS15, it might finally add support for home screen widgets, finally making their way on Apple tablets. Users will be able to customize the home screen the way they want. People who always wanted to fill their entire home screen with widgets can finally do so.

Last but not the least, Apple is making changes to how apps track user data. Both iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 will feature enhanced privacy protection features. The new feature will let users control what data they want to share and if they want to share anything at all. Known as App Tracking Transparency (ATT), the feature has been scrutinized by advertising giants Facebook and Google alike.



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