iOS 15’s Live Text feature enables students to easily copy study notes from others

Apple has recently released the ‘Live Text’ feature on its iOS 15 that really steps ahead when it comes to capturing and recognizing text from the image automatically. It’s a nearly genius kind of thing that basically uses AI machine learning and users are quite impressed by it as of now. In a recently surfaced video on Twitter, a student was seen using the Live Text feature on the iPhone to copy notes from another student.

Apple’s new Live Text capabilities allow iPhone XS and newer users with the iOS 15 operating system to snap a photo and copy-paste the text or even highlight it quite easily. This particular video went viral on TikTok and then was uploaded on Twitter.   The video details are below so that you can also check out how it works.  

In case you’ve already installed iOS 15 on your iPhone and have been using the Live Text feature, then you should be aware of the benefit it can provide in useful situations. It works almost like a Google Lens but in advanced mode. Despite not knowing too much about whether this footage is original and untouched, it seems that Live Text’s capabilities are accurately described.

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Nevertheless, we urge you not to just copy & paste the study notes without asking a classmate or friend for permission, as that is not considered as a good approach. 

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