iOS 16.1 finally adds the battery percentage for iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 12 Mini, and iPhone 13 Mini

Apple has faced plenty of criticism about the battery percentage indicator inclusion on the specific iPhone models with its iOS 16 update. Though initially the iOS 16 build was based on the developer and public beta stage, Apple finally released the much-awaited iOS 16 official stable update publicly on September 12, 2022. Now, it seems that developers have found a way to include the battery percentage for the non-eligible iPhone models that were left out previously with its new iOS 16.1 update.

Right now the iOS 16.1 update is only available for Developer Beta users and soon it’ll be live for the public beta users too. We’re expecting that the same will also be added to the iOS 16.1 stable build within a couple of weeks or so. Previously, it was bad news for the fans to digest the non-availability of the battery percentage indicator on the status bar due to lack of space.

Now, we can say that iPhone 11, iPhone XR, iPhone 12 Mini, and iPhone 13 Mini users will feel lucky enough to finally receive this feature via iOS 16.1 update. At the time of writing this article, the iPhone 12 & 13 Mini models and iPhone XR & 11 models don’t have this specific option yet. But soon it’ll be added via the OTA update.

A huge thanks to MacRumors for sharing this information publicly. Previously, the iPhone SE, iPhone 8, or earlier models did have the battery percentage indicator on the status bar next to the battery icon. But after the release of the iPhone X and newer models, Apple removed the option due to the shortage of the status bar space (a big notch is there).

Additionally, iPhone X or newer model users can easily see the battery percentage status on the Control Center. Then Apple introduced the battery widget for the home screen with the iOS 15 update last year which was also quite handy. But direct visibility of the battery percentage right on the battery icon is a treat to watch for many users.

However, with the iOS 16 beta versions, the battery percentage indicator has some bugs & consistency issues that have already been reported by the beta testers. So, we’re hoping that Apple will soon fix all those bugs too. Now, let’s see when the same feature will going to be available on the iOS 16 stable build publicly. Stay tuned!

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