iPhone 13 will feature Face ID that will work with masks and glasses on

If a new report is believed, Apple is trying out a new revamped Face ID for their upcoming phone, the iPhone 13.

The tech giant is currently handing out a special case for the iPhone 12, which houses the next generation of sensors that will make their way on the Face ID array. In the image below, you can clearly see that the case is connected to the iPhone 12 at the top, using the sensors onboard for user authentication purposes.

And this is where it gets interesting. According to the reports, Apple is currently doing this on a large scale. This is really weird since the company could just hand out the new iPhone to some of its employees.

iPhone 13 will feature Face ID that will work with masks and glasses on

The Cupertino-based company asks users to register their face with iPhone 13 Face ID as they normally would and then try to unlock the phone while wearing masks and using glasses. It looks like Apple wants to make the Face ID more work with masks and glasses on.

It is interesting to note that not all tests conducted require users to use masks and glasses all the time. Users can also use either one. It looks like Apple is pretty serious about its testing since it is collecting data about all styles of glasses and masks it can.

We hope Apple gets all the data it needs so users can easily unlock their phones using Face ID when wearing either glasses or masks or both. Apple has already dropped the idea of using an in-display fingerprint sensor, so the only way forward seems to improve on Face ID for now.

iPhone 13 will feature Face ID that will work with masks and glasses on

Talking about the new case, it looks like the Face ID array has changed quite a bit compared to the current version. The sensors have changed places, with the camera on the left of the phone and the earpiece at the top. This might help Apple reduce the thickness of the notch on their upcoming flagship.


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