iPhone’s Live Tracking of Flight Status Gets More Refined, Works in iMessage and Notes App

Apple keeps adding new features to iPhones regularly and keeps improving them continuously. Among many iOS features, there’s one hidden feature in iOS that lets iPhone users track the live status of a flight, including its location and the path. The best part is that you don’t need an additional app to do this. You can quickly track flights and preview the flight paths directly from the iMessage and Notes app.

Now, Apple has refined the iPhone’s live tracking of flight status. According to a Reddit post, zooming in on the plane now shows you the live location of the plane. This feature works both on Apple’s iMessage and the Notes app on iPhones. Here’s how you can track the live status of a flight and see its live location on the iMessage app.

How to Track Live Flight Status and Its Location on iPhone

To view the live status of a flight, you need to have the flight number. Once you have it, you need to send it to one of your numbers or some contact who needs to know the live status of your flight. The sent/received flight number automatically becomes clickable (you can see it underlined), and tapping on it pops up an option to preview the flight. Tapping it opens the flight tracking window that shows the plane’s current status on an interactive map. As you can see in the attached video, you can pan and zoom the map to see the flight’s live location.

Along with the live location, you can see the flight number, current status, terminal departure and arrival gates, and departure/estimated arrival times. Also, you can see if there are any delays in flight arrival/departure times. As said before, this hidden feature works in iPhone’s Notes app as well.

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