Apple is making iPhone privacy glasses that will prevent others from snooping into your screen

In a new patent, Apple Inc. filed for a pair of glasses that act as privacy glasses to prevent others from peering into iPhone screens. In other words, only the iPhone user can see screen content, not others who peer into your screen from a corner. The screen will basically be hidden from view by this feature. Nowadays, tempered screens are available both online and in stores, but they must be installed from the outside.

There is also the possibility that the upcoming iPhones will sport this type of glass right out of the box. It will be a great step forward for Apple since this hasn’t been done by any other smartphone OEM. Security and privacy concerns have grown tremendously these days. Therefore, iPhone owners will enjoy having some extra protection not only on software and hardware but also on-screen.

The screen content will eventually be blurred from side angles, so others cannot see any of the content at all. However, be advised that there is one catch. If someone is wearing linked eyewear, then they can clearly see the iPhone screen and its contents.

Apple Inc. filed the patent at the US Patent & Trademark Office, and Patently Apple noted that the patent was for ‘privacy glasses’. The patent file relates to “providing personalized graphical outputs and, in particular, to systems, processes, and methods for displaying vision-corrected graphical outputs and standard graphical outputs on an electronic device” The patent also mentions that users could turn off or adjust the calibration graphics of the iPhone to intentionally blur the graphical output.

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