iPhone users can now try T-Mobile without switching network provider

In the last few weeks, T-Mobile was offering a free 5G trial in the form of a “Test Drive” program. The program offered free access to the network provider’s 5G network capabilities.

And now it seems like you won’t even require any additional hardware to test out their new network. All you need is an iPhone with eSIM support.

The process is fairly short and requires you to download their app from the App Store. Ensure you fill in the required details and tap on the Add Cellular Plan button to add T-Mobile as your secondary network carrier via eSIM.

The company is offering 30 days or 30GB of data trial of T-Mobile. The best part is that it’s completely free of cost, so you can decide if the network is suitable for you or not.

The program started just last week, so it’s still in its early days. If you want to experience T-Mobile’s 5G, make sure you have an iPhone XS or a newer model since only newer phones have eSIM functionality. And yes, it has to be carrier unlocked and running iOS 14.5 or later.

Setting up the app is fairly easy, with T-Mobile guiding you through the process. If you decide to continue using their service, the app makes it quite easy to do so. This is quite handy since you can try another cellular network without actually switching your existing one or ordering a SIM card.

We hope all network providers have a program like this in the near future, so users can easily choose what works best for them.


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