Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger Upset Over Ireland Baldwin’s Instagram Posts

Many parents are critical when it comes to what their kids post on social media. It seems like this is particularly true if you are a celebrity. Ireland Baldwin, the daughter of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger, posted a photo on May 13 that upset her parents.

In the picture, she showed off her body while blurring out sensitive areas. The 25-year-old daughter got backlash from her parents in the comment section of her Instagram photo. Although Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger went their separate ways back in 2002, they came together to express their disapproval on the Instagram post.

Ireland Baldwin was spotted wearing nothing but over-the-knee boots. Since Instagram does not allow any nudity, she covered her top using a black bar. Having said that, the platform does exempt photos of women showing their post-mastectomy scars and breastfeeding. Ireland even put a caption saying, “the type uh girl you take home 2 mother.”

Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger upset over Ireland Baldwin's Instagram posts

Kim Basinger’s comment on the post clearly showed how much she is upset with her daughter. She said, “Or you don’t even bring her home to her OWN MOTHER …after that…….”

Some time ago, Ireland posted some photos of herself in a leopard two-piece bikini. The caption of the post was, “PSA: it’s incredibly freeing to stop worrying about what others think of you and being imprisoned by constantly thinking of what you can do to make people like you!!.” Alec Baldwin commented on the photo, saying, “No.”

It seems like Ireland Baldwin isn’t affected by her parent’s comments on her posts. She promptly replied to her mother with a “hahahahaha.” According to Ireland Baldwin, she is proud of her body and doesn’t seem bothered by her parent’s comments.



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