Is legit? Everything we know about Appzilla so far

Are you looking for a magical iOS or Android app that will deliver free food to your doorstep using DoorDash, unlock all the premium items in a game for free, or claim to give free Bitcoins in your wallet? In this grueling world of capitalism where everything has a price, the luxurious idea of getting anything for free might seem very captivating, and is one such website that proclaims giving everything to you for free.

But is legit? Our short answer is NO, and any application downloaded from there will simply hijack your device and fill it with malicious viruses, spyware, adware, etc. Through this article, we will tell you how malicious websites like Appzilla vip works and how they manage to lure you into downloading their hoax applications.

What is

The Appzilla vip website was registered on the web in March 2020, and its popularity grew exponentially even if it was new in the market. Upon opening the website, you will see tons of apps picked up from the Play Store or the Apple App Store, such as Amazon++, Cash App++, FaceApp++, etc. Beneath each app listing, a tempting subtitle is written to allure customers to their falsified claims. For example, “Get Free Stocks and More!”, “Free Money”,  etc. website stats

Appzilla offers paid apps and services for free from the initial impression, and therein lies the immediate danger. According to several virus reports, Appzilla has been classified as a browser hijacker that draws ignorant users into downloading the mod application and, in turn, bombards your Android or iOS device with continuous popups, advertisements, sound messages, notifications, and redirects through the Internet browser. Trying to close these interruptions bear no fruit, as Appzilla aims at generating revenue through a Pay-per-click service, and the more you try to close them, the more they will reappear.

You can be sure that nothing will be given out for free, but you won’t understand that until has already begun a barrage of advertising tactics to lure as many people as possible. Using it, you may be sent to a spam page or link when you attempt to explore the Internet. Browser hijackers like may alter your browser’s homepage to display sponsored webpages and links to generate PPC revenue for the hijacker.

Appzilla vip spam messages overflow browser hijacking

It’s simple for most users to confuse this behavior for that of a virus putting up advertising every now and then unless you can recollect installing a program from If you don’t delete it, the service will ultimately make it impossible to take control of the browser. Therefore, it is equally important to know how Appzilla vip works as a browser hacker before we answer the question, “Is Appzilla safe for you?

How does Appzilla vip works? Is legit?

Since you wanted to know if is legit, it is essential that we ultimately reveal to you the mastermind algorithm behind the working of the website. There is no doubt that Appzilla is totally illegitimate and is simply fooling the Internet users into downloading fake apps by falsified claims of free premium services, thereby taking complete control of the browser and gaining money from users’ numerous attempts to close advertisements.

It is difficult to get rid of the stream of unnecessary notifications and popups, and there is a considerable risk of your private data being stolen or encrypted by ransomware. But reasonable steps can be taken by the users who unknowingly go through the shady processes to obtain something for free by knowing everything about how works. Go through the points below which demonstrate how Appzilla vip might trick you:

  • When you open the website on your browser or download the app from the Internet, you will see different apps and games listed on the homepage, giving the overall impression of an Android or iPhone app marketplace.

Appzilla vip home page

  • You will find several apps listed there with their original names modified. For example, Amazon has been renamed Amazon++, Coinbase as Coinbase++, HBO Max as HBO Max++, etc. This presents a brief idea that Appzilla has made several modded version of official apps, which somehow aims to magically send free items to you from Amazon or deliver free food to your doorstep. mod app names

  • According to a Twitter report, the Appzilla vip website copies the app icon from the official Play Store or App Store website and uses them here without crediting the original developers. This is a clear violation of copyright laws, proving the illegitimacy of Appzilla even more.
  • Apart from that, the sub-title below each app has been written so that users can easily believe that they are genuine. The statements appear convincing because they are written by including details that are unique to each app. For example, the title under Brawl Stars++ says that the app can “Unlock All Characters & more!!”. The original Brawl Stars game has premium characters that can only be unlocked by paying real bucks.

Appzilla alluring sub title

  • If you are allured by any of the apps on the homepage and click on them, you will be welcomed with a notification box asking your permission to “Start injection”. An injection is the process of entering modified code inside the original code of an application before launching it. The purpose of the injection is to alter critical elements inside the app and produce a magical result, such as ordering for free on Amazon.

Appzilla Start Injection page

  • Most Appzilla vip victims felt intrigued by the advanced injection process and cracking apps to receive something for free and, therefore, click on the Start Injection button.
  • Appzilla will now show a progress bar informing the users that it is downloading the apk file, unpacking it, and injecting the modified code inside it. Let us remind you again that it is NOT an actual progress bar and just a simulation, and many apps like operate in the same way to make themselves feel more genuine.

Notification showing progress bar

  • Soon after Appzilla finishes injecting the apk with modified code, you will be redirected to an external verification page that is not at all related to It displays the app’s logo you had clicked on and shows you the following message: “Please Follow and Complete the Instructions of the Offers below to Finish the Download Process.” Below the notification message, there will be links that will demand you to download several apps unrelated to the app you are downloading and use them to complete the verification process.

Appzilla vip verification phase

  • DO NOT click the links listed in the verification window because even if you use the URL and complete the offer, you will not receive any modified APK from Appzilla vip. We had already performed the action in a sandboxed environment and found that it was impossible to complete the offers because soon after opening the link, the browser became overshadowed with innumerable notifications, popups, and ads. We had to forcefully remove the entire browser because it was unusable afterward.
  • If we inspect the page source of the verification page and scroll down the lines of code, there is a monetization code on the page’s backend, which aims at generating illegitimate money for the hijackers through the Pay-per-click scheme if you open an offer. Moreover, there is no link inside the code pointing toward the apk file.

Appzilla vip monetization page source

  • Hence, it is proved that Appzilla is an illegitimate website with nothing to offer except countless spam and malicious content, and you are better off without Appzilla’s fake claims.

Is Appzilla Safe, And Should You Trust Appzilla?

No, Appzilla is Not Safe at all, and you shouldn’t trust Appzilla ever.

If you read the previous section, it must be clear that is not safe for you, and you must try your best not to be allured by the free offers. Previously Appzilla was available on the Play Store and iOS App Store, but soon after, its malicious intent was detected by Google’s security checks and was removed and banned permanently. It is evident that Google banned the app for its unlawful content and inconsiderate amount of spam redirects, and this should be enough clue for you to stay away from this website.

Apps that promise free goods are nearly always phony (though some are legitimate), but is THE app to avoid. A similar website with the URL was accessible in February 2020; therefore, is probably another domain from the same developer raking off PPC income by manipulating people led in by the abundance of legitimate-looking applications like Amazon with free goods offered on it. Hence, we again implore you not to trust and keep your device safe from the hijackers.

Is a Virus?

Yes, Appzilla is a form of a virus aimed at the continuous generation of ad revenues through misleading Internet users, and herein lies the malicious intent for it to be categorized as a virus. Appzilla can take control of your browser home page, extensions, and ultimately your device, but it does this by manipulating your consent and achieving permission requirements without your knowledge. Therefore, your device will become more prone to virus and malware attacks, and you risk the chance of your personal data being encrypted by ransomware.

Wrapping Up

We hope that you managed to get the answer to your question on if is legit, and we conclude through everything discussed in this article that is not safe for you. We highly recommend you NOT download the application or use their website and keep your device free from malicious apps like Please leave a comment below describing your experience if you have ever been affected by Appzilla, and let us know your recommendations. Cheers!!

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