Jana Kramer’s divorce with Mike Caussin costs her $592,400

After a marriage of six years with Mike Caussin, Jana Kramer has finally decided to move on with her life. According a marriage dissolution disagreement obtained by PEOPLE, the popular country singer Jana Kramer has agreed to pay her ex husband Mike Caussin a total of $592,400 as part of their post divorce settlement.

The divorce agreement also states that Kramer will keep their house, while Mike Caussin gets to keep his truck, desk, dumbbells along with the furniture in their master bedroom and the bar room. The couple also agreed on not paying any alimony, taking full responsibility for their attorney’s free with Kramer paying the additional court costs.

Jana Kramer announced that she was getting a divorce in an emotional Instagram post on April 21 this year. Some sources suggest that the couple split due to infidelity.

She added,

It’s been a rough week again. I’m just waiting for when they say it gets better but in the meantime, it’s definitely been hard. The hardest part is when you imagine something and you work for something and the rug gets pulled from underneath you. You’re just kind of left there on the floor spinning. Divorce sucks.

Kramer says the divorce has been painful for her and that she hopes it gets better with time.



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