Joker virus resurfaces in Google Play Store hiding in 14 Android apps

As you are already aware, there are many suspicious or vulnerable websites and even links you can click on that can install viruses on your device. But when it comes to the Google Play Store, most Android users can depend on it to deliver virus-free and stable apps and games. However, that’s not always the case because the ‘Joker virus’ enters android apps maliciously often & creates havoc for users. Unfortunately, that has happened again. In a series of tweets, an Android Malware Analyst from Kaspersky (Tatyana Shishkova) revealed the list of Android apps to be vulnerable to the Joker virus. As per reports, the Google Play Store has 14 Android apps that contain the Joker virus.

In case you are not aware, the Joker virus is one of the most persistent or rigid forms of malware that keeps returning to the Google Play Store. Essentially, it steals the user’s data after they install the Android app on their device (such as location, SMS, contacts, device information, OTPs, media files, etc), and the major problem is that it’s making its way via the Google Play Store once again.

Joker malware was first discovered in 2017 and then again in 2019 when Google published a blog post detailing how to protect against it. Despite battling this malware for quite some time, it keeps getting into several Android apps quite frequently. Now, it is back in the following Android apps you should remove immediately.

You should also share this article with your friends and family members to help prevent others from being affected. There is one large problem with all of these 14 applications. They are all available directly from Google Play Store, which is an open invitation to users to install those apps immediately without any second thought. We hope that Google will remove these malicious apps immediately if they are found to be malicious.

List of 14 Android Apps that contains Joker virus

  1. Super-Click VPN
  2. Volume Boosting Hearing Aid
  3. Battery Charging Animation Bubble Effects
  4. Flashlight Flash Alert on Call
  5. Easy PDF Scanner
  6. Smart TV Remote
  7. Halloween Coloring
  8. Classic Emoji Keyboard
  9. Volume Booster Louder Sound Equalizer
  10. Super Hero-Effect
  11. Battery Charging Animation Wallpaper
  12. Dazzling Keyboard
  13. EmojiOne Keyboard
  14. Now QRCode Scan

You should uninstall all of these apps right away if you have any installed on your device. This is what you should do to help.

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