Jon’s VR project “Gnomes and Goblins” enter the race of VR lineup in the Venice International Film Festival? Click to know more.

Jon Favreau, born on 19th October 1966, is a versatile personality, a marvelous actor, a fantastic director, producer, and screenwriter. While he started his acting career in Rudy (1993), Jon has also worked in numerous movies as a director. However, Jon became an integral part of the MCU. Here, Favreau enacted the role of Happy Hogans, as well as was the director and executive producer also. Additionally, for the infamous Star was Tv series- Mandalorian, which premiers on Disney +, Jon is the creator as well as the executive producer. Recently Jon is working on the VR project which has now attracted the attention of the Venice International Film Festival. To know more about the project, continue reading this story.

Jon’s VR project in the VR lineup of the Venice Film Festival?

Out of the 31 competition titles, to be presented in the Virtual Reality section of the Venice Film festival, one title happens to be of Jon Favreau’s project.

It’s not wrong if I say that this project is his baby, as he loves this project a lot. His project title is “Gnomes and Goblins.” This VR simulation an original production of Wevr, MWMi, and Golem Creations, which features a virtual fantasy world spun by Lion King director in collab with Jake Rowell, VR director of Call of Duty, Superman Returns.

Storyline: “Gnomes and Goblins”

Gnomes and Goblins is a Virtual reality simulation of fantasy and adventure genre. With an unusual and intriguing storyline, Be ready to dive into a world of elves and goblins, under your leadership. You can encounter the residents of this fantasy and magical island, build a healthy relation with them. You can even become an integral part of their society as well as safeguard them from their enemies. SO, get ready for this fantastic roller coaster ride. It is coming soon for you all to enjoy this VR and have a great experience. This VR experience is not only for gamers; even the non-gamers can play it with ease. According to Jon, this experience might be very engaging, and you should feel a relationship with the residents.

“Venice Film Festival, VR lineup.”

This year, the 77th Venice Internation Film Festival is going to happen, at around 2nd to 12th September 2020. The Venice VR expanded category consists of all the Virtual Reality works. Usually, this Venice International Film Festival used to happen at Venice Lido on the island of Lazzaretto Vecchio. But, this year, owing to the current pandemic situation, the makers have decided to make it available entirely on an online platform. With the digital help from HTC Viveport, Facebook’s Oculus, VR chat, and VRrOOm, this is possible.

This Venice VR expanded consists of 31 outstanding VR projects in competition, nine projects from Out of Competition- Best of VR (this is the international selection of the exceptional VR works), and four projects which developed in the fourth edition of the Biennale College Cinema VR. All the $ 4 projects nominated, come from around 24 countries.

The judge for this Venice VR expanded lineup is the infamous VR filmmaker, Celine Tricart; he is also the jury president. Tricart, accompanied by Asif Kapadia as well as Hideo Kojima, the famous video game designer of Metal Gear Solid. The best VR title in the competition will win the Grand Jury Prize for the Best VR Immersive Work, Best VR Immersive User Experience, and the Best VR Immersive Story.

Preview: “Gnomes and Goblins”

Though the preview was released long back, the VR will be released soon. So let’s wait for its arrival. And, in the meanwhile, let’s check this preview for a better understanding.

With Jon’s project Gnomes and Goblins, in the race, fans are now quite anxious regarding the results. Well, let the best VR simulation win !!!

For more updates, stay tuned and till then stay safe.


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