Jordan Wiseley turned down ‘All Stars’ for ‘The Challenge’

The popular player on MTV’s The Challenge said he turned down ‘All-Stars.’ He is known as one of the most best and competitive players to come on the TV show.

After his relationship ended with Tori Deal, Jordan spoke up and revealed his feelings about the show. It seems like the producers of the show approached him to participate in The Challenge: All-Stars.

The show just finished its first-ever Season. Paramount studios have planned to bring back some popular players from the first season. They fight over a prize pool of $500,000. Although the series has just nine episodes, many people were thrilled to hear the news that their favorite players might come back for another season.

The concept was introduced by one of the finalists of the show, Mark Long. He even cast Aneesa Ferreira, Kendal Sheppard, Syrus Yarbrough, Derrick Kosinski, amongst various others. The idea was loved by directors and producers alike, and they wanted to test the idea.

Mark Long went on to say,

I enjoy the show. I’m a product of the show,” she says. I wrote my first Road Rules in 1995, so you can figure it out. For the past 25 years, this has been my life.

Having said that, Jordan has revealed that he rejected the idea of coming to the series for another season. He is the winner of the first season.



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