Kendall Jenner: Kendall Jenner’s “crazy panick attack” issues. How she combats her anxiety !!! Know more

After sister Khloe Kardashian took to instagram talking about her debilitating migraine problem. Kendal Jenner, 24, revealed about her “crazy panic attacks”.

Like Khloe, Kendall’s anxiety is triggered by stress.

Recently Kendall gave a tour of her Los Angeles home for Architectural Digest. The new home is made in a Mediterranean style and she has spend almost a year renovating it.

Kendall gives a house tour

Kendall Jenner revealed how she struggled with panic attacks for the past 4 years. She has designed the house in a way to combat her anxiety.

On describing the house she says, “the overall vibe that i was going for was really peaceful. I wanted to feel super calm. You are kind of up in the mountains up here and surrounded by a lot of nature, so I wanted to feel open. ”

The James Turrell glowing sculpture:

She has a wall sculpture by artist James Turrell. In the entry way she has installed this piece which is like a glowing pink wall. It is a dollar 750,000 art piece that emits a calming pink light that helps her during meditation.

The James Turrell glowing sculpture

She described the piece, ”so peaceful and calming and she actually make these pieces to meditate infront of, she is both excited and proud for having this piece.

Home tour and vibe discussion:

The room with no Tvs and good cozy couches

This house has no Tv’s so that she can indulge in ”deep talks with friends and family”. She explains, “we actually hang out in there more than I thought I would. I usually have the fire going, whether its winter, summer, fall or spring whenever it is. ” she has also placed a number of cozy couches around the fireplace.

Kendals house tour

Therapeutic painting:

Kendall also emphasized on the therapeutic values ​​of painting. Through paintings she calms herself when she is stressed out or working a lot.

The painting room

”I am not at good at painting, but I thoroughly enjoy it and I consider it as a form of therepy… .I love coming in here and just vibing out and making really horrible things but it honestly lets a lot out of me.”

The role of therapy:

Kendall emphasizes on therepy and mediation. It helps her deviate from bad thoughts and fears. She says that she usually comes “in here and meditates, chill out, zone out”.

Importance of meditation

She has filled her room with hidden copper rings. These energy rings create a positive circle of natural life force energy. She talks about how it relieved her from painful headaches.

Kendall's bedroom

Kendall’s home has a spa like master bathroom and a queen gold tub.

The queen gold tub

She has vintage quilt laid on the grass of her backyard. She and her friends usually meditate there it usually helps in reducing tension, anger, fatigue and depressed mood.

The backyard with vintage quilts

Kendall Jenner talks about her anxiety:

Kendall on talking of her anxiety test, says, “I was really really young and I remember feeling like I couldn’t breathe and running to my mom and being like:” Mom I feel like I can’t breathe. Something must be wrong ”.

Kendall with mom Kris Jenner
source: HOLA!

Kris Jenner helped her throughout and she went to a number of doctors. The doctors never told her she had anxiety.

Her episodes returned later in life and that is when she realized she needed to get help. From then on Kendall has been into therepy. We all hope for her well being, since mental health is an important topic to ponder upon.

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