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KUWK: Khloe Kardashian Spends Time With Ex Tristan Thompson While In Quarantine And Admits It’s ‘Awkward’ For THIS Reason!

Despite the fact that they are in quarantine, it turns out that Khloe Kardashian and her cute daughter, True still manage to see her daddy, Tristan Thompson! This time around the family of three met up to watch the new premiere of Keeping Up with the Kardashians together!

Judging by Khloe’s tweet about it, the basketball player stopped by his ex’s house to watch the show and spend quality time with his daughter.

But the mother of one also admitted that their little hangout activity of choice might have made things a bit awkward between them.

She wrote: ‘I love that tristan’s watching this premiere with me and he’s now seeing what they say when he is not around lol AWKWARD!! #KUWTK.’

But some fans had to note that it was ‘interesting’ how Tristan was with Khloe at home during the quarantine.

One such user commented: ‘I know @khloekardashian is not feeling that way right now. Tristan’s home with her during quarantine so I know THAT’S interesting.’

It sounds like they were suggesting the drama between them shown during the premiere might be long behind them and that they might have reunited since it appeared as if the exes were in quarantine together.

But Khloe was quick to clear things up, responding to the theorizing follower with: ‘Lol he visits to see his daughter. Bless us all.’

Someone else raved about the exes’ great co-parenting, writing: ‘Khloe, my parents have been divorced for pretty much my entire life. So to see how you and Tristan are able to co-parent is amazing. I admire that so much and I am sure True will as well as she gets older. your strength and love for your daughter’s incredible.’

In response, the KUWK star simply reminded the follower that it was also how she was raised as a baby.

Later on, Khloe returned to her platform to share a message dedicated to all the co-parents doing a great job out there.


She admitted that while it’s really ‘hard,’ to have a healthy co-parenting relationship, it’s also ‘so rewarding!’

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