Latest Update On Involvement Of Johnny Depp In Pirates of the Caribbean 6.

While interest stateside may have wavered somewhat, globally, it remains a real occurrence the former entry, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, accumulated almost $800 million in the global box office. That’s a good deal of doubloons.

But the biggest question is: What about Johnny Depp?

Depp has starred in each subsequent movie and adopted the personality wholeheartedly, occasionally displaying to the D23 Expo and the Disneyland attraction in full regalia. It is just in the years because Depp’s personal life has become more and more complicated, and, aside from his appearances at the fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them films, his commercial instincts have faltered. Around the time that the past Pirates of the Caribbean started, Depp was ironic he could not do media for the film.

“The one we’re growing at this time, we are not sure what Johnny’s function will be,” Bruckheimer said. “So, we’re going to have to see.”

Reading between the lines, it feels like Depp can seem, maybe in a limited or cameo capacity, but it’s unlikely he’d be the lead character once again. If he was, then a) Bruckheimer could most likely have said, “Yeah, it’s just another Jack Sparrow experience,” and b) it appears inconceivable that you’d just compose a giant activity film without knowing that the main character was supposed to be. Online speculation was that the new movie would concentrate on Redd, a role introduce to the fascination in 2018 as a substitute for a debatable set piece in the first ride, which has been broadly embraced by guests as well as the company. For the ones who don’t understand, there was an auction scene at the first version of the attraction, employing a redhead being auctioned off to the maximum bidder. This was relatively sexist and needed to go. In 2018 a new variant of this scene emphasized Redd, a female pirate with a handsome stash, with all townsfolk bringing her things such as paintings and so on. In summary: she transferred from a victim of human trafficking into an enabled badass.

As of this time, it remains to be seen precisely what personality Depp will have in the new attribute and whether it is going to focus on this new character.

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