The Leaked HTC Vive Air Concept Fixes a Huge Problem with VR Fitness

If you are someone who loves the experience VR Headsets have to offer, you are not alone. Many people are gradually making the transition to Virtual Reality, with VR Fitness slowly becoming a part of people’s daily lives. While VR Fitness does offer a way to enjoy exercising, cleaning a headset after an intensive workout can be a nightmare for some. This is where the HTC Vive Air Concept comes in.

Leaked by the World Design Guide Awards, the concept VR headset is specifically designed for people who want to immerse themselves in the world of VR to play some fitness games and work out for a long time. If we take a look at the product description, it says that the headset will be lightweight enough so that the user isn’t bothered by the weight. The concept also states that it will be made from materials that will dry quickly while providing adequate ventilation. Moreover, it will feature a quick-release mechanism thus enabling users to easily remove the “soft components” for washing.

While VR headsets like the Oculus Quest 2 do make fitness games and exercises viable by making wires redundant, resulting in a lighter headset. On the other hand, it features a foam padding with pores, which turns it into a swear magnet in just a couple of minutes. This isn’t ideal at all if you wish to perform high-intensity workouts while wearing the headset. Right now, the only feasible solution to workout while wearing a VR Headset is to wear a sports barrier mask or letting the headset dry naturally.

The concept for HTC Vive Air fixes a huge problem with VR Fitness

The HTC Vive Air concept takes a step in the right direction by making use of a breathable material, so users can easily wash the headset after an intensive workout session. Right now, no one knows for certain how light the headset is and if it will ever make it to consumers.

The World Design Guides says that the product will come out sometime in 2021. When Engadget approached an HTC spokesperson, he said that the HTC Vive Air was just a concept, but the company would surely take note of the design in order to improve other products. Maybe VR fitness enthusiasts will have to wait for a while before a decent VR headset comes out.



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