Lenovo Yoga X Tablet Teased to Have an HDMI Input for Portable Screen

There are numerous Android tablets out there each with prowess over specifics such as gaming, work-related, and so on. Samsung is undoubtedly one of the biggest manufacturers but here, Lenovo takes the lead with an array of tablets with unique features. Lenovo has had a number of bizarre tablets such as one which transforms into an Amazon Echo Show. There’s a Lenovo tablet that users can hand in the kitchen or on walls. And now, it is probably working on a tablet with HDMI input that lets you turn the tablet into a portable monitor.

Lenovo’s Yoga X tablet with an HDMI input

Lenovo is among the pioneering manufacturers when it comes to tablets and laptops. Its Yoga X series is among the most popular ones. Last year, a “Yoga X” was in the making as it was earlier rumored last year. Although it was earlier rumored that the Yoga X tablet would double as a second monitor or if Lenovo words are to be believed, a primary monitor for the Nintendo Switch.

The official LENOVO YONintendo GA account on Chinese social networking site Weibo posted an image demonstrating how a Switch on a dock is connected to a portable monitor with HDMI. The post in Chinese when translated into English says “HDMI In” which is a standard feature that all portable external screens have.

It goes without saying, we don’t know much about the upcoming YOGA X from Lenovo and its HDMI Input capabilities. We will have to wait for rumors, specifications, and reports from official and trusted sources to arrive at zero in about the specifications of the tablet in talk.

Google reprised Android tablets adding Entertainment Space with highlights showcasing books, movies, and mobiles on a single interface. It looks much like Google TV. Apart from that, Microsoft could add Xbox Game Pass streaming on tablets that would add another feature to connect games plugged on large screens.

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